One thing’s for sure: the holidays are a busy time for most! While it’s an exciting time to reconnect and see your family, the stress of travel and holiday-related time commitments can take a toll on your health.

In particular, sitting for extended periods of time in a car, train, or plane, can cause or exacerbate neck pain.

At Synergy Health, we want our patients to enjoy their holidays with their family in comfort and good health. Here are a few ways you can keep neck pain at bay while enjoying the season!

Be Mindful of Your Posture

Because your neck supports the weight of your head, straining it for long periods of time can lead to chronic neck pain and tissue injury—even if you’re sitting down.

If you’re travelling far to visit your family, be sure to sit up straight and do not slouch in your car, plane, or train seat. Place your feet flat on the ground and keep your back flush against the chair. With your ears directly above your shoulders, keep your head in a neutral position.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can sleep while traveling, consider investing in an ergonomic travel pillow that’s comfortable, supportive, and portable.

Make Exercise Part of Your Day

Engaging in physical activity can greatly reduce or prevent neck and shoulder pain from putting a damper on your holiday spirit.

Be sure to take regular breaks while traveling to walk around and stretch, especially if you’re on a long-haul trip. Move your head and neck around, ensuring that you stretch the surrounding muscles without causing pain or straining them. This helps promote oxygen and blood flow to your neck and surrounding tissues, so be sure to keep moving.

If you’re unsure what the ideal exercises and stretches are for you, schedule a preventative visit with the medical team at Synergy Health before your holiday. Our professionals can guide you through a flexibility or exercise session to help alleviate existing or future neck pain.

Book a Massage

Deep tissue massage is a highly effective (and relaxing!) way to deliver therapeutic care and prevent neck pain from becoming a long-term health condition.

Our award-winning program helps enhance your health and well-being, focusing on improving your muscle flexibility and healing.

As important as family is during the holidays, your health should be number one. Make sure to take this time to relieve both your physical and mental tensions that arise during Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the New Year!

Take a Stand Against Neck Pain This Holiday Season

Nothing drains the holiday spirit more than neck pain that limits your enjoyment and ability to spend quality time with your family this season.

Synergy Health in Naples is dedicated to providing non-surgical solutions to optimize your health and get you ready for the holiday season!

To book a session with our team, call us at (239) 263-3330 or request an appointment via our website.