Chronic pain affects about 50 million American adults, according to a 2016 report by CDC. Pain has become a regular part of their life since people don’t know the best treatment for their condition.

Laser therapy is an effective solution to relieve pain without invasive surgery. Whether you have knee pain, ligament sprains, back pain, or muscle strains, it’s a safe solution, having been backed up by over 4,000 studies.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

The techniques used in laser therapy vary depending on the procedure. For instance, when treating knee pain, physicians use photons to enter deep into the painful joint. The light leads to chemical changes that heal the damaged cells. The lasers don’t cut your skin, unlike in surgeries that use higher-frequency lasers.

During treatment, the physicians aim the laser device on the knee or directly at the skin. It sends a quick pulse into your knee, which can last for about a minute or less. With a few sessions, you should expect positive results.

Why Opt for Laser Therapy

Treating chronic pain can be a scary and frustrating experience during a surgical operation. For instance, you are never sure of the outcome of back surgery, and it may also have various complications.

Additionally, taking some medications for pain management often comes with some undesirable side effects. If you want a more effective solution to treat pain or don’t feel comfortable taking some medications, laser therapy is a safe option.

What Are The Benefits?

Laser therapy takes a shorter time than traditional surgeries. You don’t have to spend an entire night in a hospital as some procedures. In case general anesthesia is required, it also takes a shorter time.

Laser operations are also more precise than surgical instruments. It leads to fewer damages since cuts can be shallower and shorter. You may also experience less pain, scarring, and swelling with laser operations. Most people also heal faster than those undergoing surgeries.

Key Takeaway

The above guide aims at answering your question, does laser therapy work? Well, if you are experiencing chronic pain, whether on the knee, back, foot, or leg, laser therapy is a perfect solution. It’s pain-free, safe, and free of any side effects.

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