Every year, about 600,000 Americans undergo total knee replacement surgery according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and that number is expected to steadily increase as members of the active “Baby Boomer” generation begin to experience wear and tear on these large and mobile joints. Unfortunately, a study published in Arthritis and Rheumatology found that over 1/3 of these procedures are not needed to help patients find effective knee pain relief. Before the possibility of going under the knife, what non-surgical knee pain treatments are available to try?

Walk This Way

According to recent statistics, 2 out of every 3 American adults is considered overweight or obese, and it’s no secret that carrying extra weight can increase pressure experienced in the joints and speed up the process of wear and tear. Every pound of excess weight exerts an extra four pounds of painful pressure on the knees, and beginning a regular walking regime is an easy, non-impact method for reducing strain—just 10 pounds of weight reduction reduces pressure by 40 pounds and will provide some knee pain relief.

Get In Line

A stable foundation is important for proper mechanical movement and function, so when we’re imbalanced in the joints of our limbs or spine, the body will compensate by changing things like posture and gait. Unfortunately, that improper alignment will eventually lead to uneven wear or irritation of the soft tissues in joints, resulting in pain and dysfunction. Establishing a relationship with a chiropractor and receiving regular adjustments can keep joints in line, give you a baseline against which to measure your condition, and provide a successful method for non-surgical knee pain relief.

Build Your Body

Many times, pain in the knee joints can result from weakness or imbalance in the muscles above and below the joint, or in poor conditioning of the supportive soft tissues. If you’re currently on the more inactive end of the exercise spectrum, a safe way to begin a new regimen is to meet with a physical therapist to learn how to safely build strength and stability around an injured or sensitive joint. If surgery is inevitably in the cards, it’s been found that those with strong muscles around the joint have much faster and easier recoveries than those that don’t.

Non-Invasive Medical Options

Many causes of knee pain can be attributed to minor ailments that can be greatly improved by the use of non-invasive, non-surgical knee pain treatments.  In some cases, painful inflammation can be abated with modalities like cold laser therapy. In others, joint pain caused by a reduction in the amount of lubricating fluid present in the joint can be improved with an injection of a natural replacement, or of PRP Therapies to reduce pain and improve function. An accurate assessment by a professional team can indicate what the source of the problem is and what the best solutions will be.

Do you Need Options for Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatments in Naples?

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