The anatomical design of the human neck is an engineering feat that results in the perfect balance of form and function. With so many operating parts that still allow for flexibility and mobility, it’s no wonder that an average 10% of Americans are suffering from neck pain at any given time. Here are some non-surgical neck pain treatments to consider.

Chiropractic Care

The seven vertebrae in the neck are responsible for even distribution of the weight of the head through the rest of the spine, so if there are any alignment issues, pain symptoms are immediately present. Manipulation of the head and neck should only be trusted to a highly-trained, professional chiropractor, who can fix the issue and educate patients about how to maintain alignment. Regular preventative care can also help keep the problem from re-occurring or getting worse.

Constructive Rest

Ergonomic challenges to the way we use technology today can result in strain of the muscles and soft tissues of the neck. With a forward-reaching position of the head, or looking down at mobile devices in our laps, many people are experiencing a flattening of the curve at the back of the neck, which can lead to neck and upper back pain. One way to regain that weight-dispersing curve is to take a small bath towel, and tightly roll it to place under the neck as you rest on a firm surface for 10 minutes every night. This position can allow the weight of the head to passively help reshape the neck over the firm towel roll, which can provide some neck pain relief.

What’s Triggering You?

In some cases, stressful jobs or lifestyles can cause us to hold tension in the body, which feels like an upward-gripping of the muscles across the upper back and neck. When stretching exercises and relaxation techniques aren’t providing enough neck pain relief, it may be time to seek out treatments like Injection Therapy, which can help release knotted muscles.

Therapeutic Massage

Even after the body completes its initial healing process after an injury, residual inflammation and stagnant energy can continue to cause neck pain symptoms. Therapeutic massage is a physical manipulation of the soft tissues to provide pain relief, improve flexibility, reduce tension, and increase blood flow. Increased blood flow through massage is especially important; massaging and stretching muscles can help them to release residual waste from the healing process, and blood flow near the surface of the skin facilitates removal of any congesting lymph in the area.

Need Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatments in Naples?

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