The human neck and back make up the core structure of the body, and this is comprised of a complicated web of bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues. While the body is incredibly resilient, accidents, injuries, and even simple movements like picking up a pencil incorrectly can render us immobile with pain. Here are some common causes of neck and back pain, and some effective treatments.

How We Work

According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than half of all employed Americans experience back pain symptoms each year, and poor posture and prolonged sitting are major factors. Not only does sitting for extended periods increase the risk of death for ANY reason, but it also causes serious issues with muscle tone and strength, and poor core strength correlates with poor posture and pain. Slouching at our desks causes a slumping of the spine and a forward reach of the neck, and these combine to create problems with back and neck pain.

How We Play

While regular exercise is important to living a healthy lifestyle, too many of us are jumping into activities and sports without proper preparation or conditioning. This can result in more harm than good for the body; up to 20% of all sports-related injuries happen in the low back or neck. Before engaging in more strenuous activities, prepare the muscles in the body and back by warming up, and even by training with a professional to improve the mechanics of your form.

How We Sleep

According to Gallup surveys, adults report spending about 7 hours each night sleeping, and a lack of quality support and even sleeping positions can add to strain in the spine and increase back and neck pain. Many people sleep on mattresses that are too soft, which lack support for neutral positioning of the spine. Also, a position like “stomach sleeping” can not only reduce the natural curves of the spine which increases compression and stress on discs, it can introduce an unnatural twist at the neck as sleepers turn and elevate their heads to rest on pillows. Making sure to find the most supportive mattress for your needs and finding a better sleeping position can help to reduce or eliminate some of this neck and back pain.

Other, Lesser Known Causes of Back Pain

Physical injuries to the structures of the spine and back aren’t the only things that contribute to the pain felt on the back side of the body. Lesser known causes of back pain can include:

  • Kidney stones or infections
  • Bone loss or blood clots
  • Obesity-related strain
  • Psychological stress
  • Inflammatory conditions like arthritis

How We Heal

There are a number of treatment methods that can help support healing from an injury or illness, and a safer, faster return to mobility and function.

  • Spinal Manipulation, like that performed by a chiropractor, is one of the major “non-pharma” therapies considered to be effective for acute and chronic low back pain, as reviewed in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
  • Physical Therapy, which helps soothe, condition and restore function to soft tissues in the back, like the 140 overlapping muscles that provide the spine with strength and stability.
  • Other modalities, like acupuncture, massage, and injection therapies, can help reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and restore function by working with subtle elements of healing from pain and injury.

Seeking Innovative Treatments for Neck and Back Pain in Naples?

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