Laser therapy treatment for neuropathy often relieves unwanted symptoms caused by this health condition. Numbness, tingling, burning, shooting, and stabbing sensations are common symptoms in the hands and feet that indicate the presence of nerve damage. When these symptoms appear, K-Laser neuropathy treatment in Naples offers relief to regain quality of life.

How Does Laser Therapy Transform Neuropathy Treatment with Remarkable Success?

The FDA has approved K-Laser Therapy treatment for neuropathy, which is successful in relieving unpleasant sensations and other side effects like muscle weakness and loss of balance or coordination.

This laser therapy treatment works at a fundamental level with your body to enhance circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, and improve your physical well-being.

Laser therapy treatment for neuropathy involves using highly technical and specific light waves to promote cellular healing. The process includes the following details:

  • The specialist directs lasers of near-red- and red-light wavelengths at regions with nerve damage
  • This laser therapy treatment technique stimulates damaged tissue and cells, supporting regeneration by increasing healing energy in these cells and the surrounding areas
  • Increased healing occurs because the laser treatment encourages circulation in the damaged area
  • Laser therapy treatment also draws greater oxygen, nutrients, and water to the site, creating an optimum healing environment
  • Harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide are excreted, reducing inflammation and other unpleasant neuropathy symptoms

What Makes Laser Therapy an Effective Solution for Neuropathy? Unveiling its Success!

One 2019 meta-analysis of 627 studies covering the benefits of laser therapy treatment for neuropathy shows positive results. This study focused on patient levels of discomfort, vibration thresholds of importance in nerve sensitivity, and other neuropathy signs ten days after receiving treatment and before starting laser therapy on the feet.

Tests showed that the temperatures in patient feet increased, evidence that peripheral microcirculation improved.

When this happens, growth factors and cytokines increase to enhance blood vessel dilation and the formation of new capillaries in the damaged area, promoting healing.

Ultimately, this laser therapy treatment reduces discomfort and nerve sensitivity, helping patients to get back to performing the physical activities they need for their careers and recreational activities.

How Does Laser Therapy Harness the Healing Potential to Impact Neuropathy?

Laser therapy treatment works with your body’s healing potential to bring about positive change. By stimulating the area where nerve damage is present, the focused laser light encourages the formation of new blood flow and healing while reducing inflammation and expelling toxins.

After receiving laser therapy treatment for neuropathy, you can expect multiple health benefits to help you resume your normal activities.

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