Physical therapy combines exercises and learning sessions to help you improve mobility, flexibility, and quality of life. These sessions have numerous benefits, from managing chronic pain to averting future muscle pains. Professional therapists are trained to handle different cases, from post-surgery rehab to acute injuries. No matter the case, there are benefits to working with a professional physical therapist, including:

Pain Treatment

There are different types of pains; prescription medicines and surgery handle some, while others are best left to physical therapy sessions. Experts at Synergy Health encourage individuals with chronic pain to pursue physical therapy over opioids for pain management.

When treating for pain, the physical therapist will likely explore multiple techniques, including electrical stimulation, stretching, therapeutic exercise, cold and heat therapy, massage, and ultrasound to reduce acute and chronic pain.

Reduced Post-Surgery Recovery

Physical therapy not only works after surgery, but your doctor can also recommend sessions weeks before the procedure. This not only puts you in great shape in readiness for the surgery but also shortens post-surgery recovery. With the help of a professional therapist, you can effectively reduce pain, regain normal functioning, and prevent scar tissue build-up.

Take advantage of the personal approach employed by therapists at Synergy Health to get the best results before and after the procedure.

Achieve Recommended Amount of Physical Activity

In the modern era of lifestyle diseases, you need to achieve the daily recommended amount of physical activity to keep healthy. Professional physical therapy can help customize your sessions, integrating them into your routine for improved mental and physical health.

Some diseases you can avert include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, and some cancers. The therapist will also educate you about the benefits of physical activities and ways to overcome barriers to physical activity.

Improve Mobility, Balance, and Prevent Falls

If you are finding it difficult to stand, walk or perform physical activities, therapy sessions can help restore your mobility. The therapist can help diagnose the problem and formulate a treatment plan to strengthen your core to regain mobility.

During your sessions, the therapist monitors if you are a fall risk; this way, they can customize your treatment through careful and safe exercise to help improve your balance. Professionals at Synergy Health will also monitor your coordination and recommend assistive devices to enhance your movement and balance.

Manage Age-Related Issues

As you get older, you will likely lose your stamina and physical strength, which affects your mobility. Individuals suffering from diseases like arthritis who undergo joint replacement can get the most out of physical therapy. With the right combinations, one can maintain strength and stamina well into their advanced ages.

Finding the Best Physical Therapy Near Me

Engaging in physical activities is one of the best ways to maintain an active lifestyle. However, with the help of a professional physical therapist, you channel your energy into beneficial exercise and activities to boost your health and manage various conditions. Find the best physical therapy in Naples at Synergy Health!

At Synergy Health, we boast of being one of the leading firms offering physical therapy in Naples. Our services cover a wide range of patients, including athletes, personal injury patients, and anyone who exercises. Contact us for your comprehensive assessment! We have everything under one roof to help you feel your best and are committed to Making Naples Better by healing one patient at a time.