If you’ve ever taken a break from golf or tennis only to return to the game with sore muscles and joints, you know how frustrating it can be to experience muscle pain. This is a common issue for individuals who engage in regular physical activity or exercise routines, often leading to painful cramps and muscle knots. Fortunately, there is a safe and efficient treatment option that can provide relief for this discomfort: trigger point injections. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the effectiveness of this treatment for muscle pain caused by myofascial trigger points, helping you get back to your favorite activities without the fear of pain or discomfort.

What Causes Muscle Knots?

Our muscles are bundles of tightly packed tissue fiber developed over time to help our joints work. Each joint has its own muscle group (or groups) that help it perform average daily movements. Knots happen because muscle fibers have incredible regenerative power. When we use our muscles too much, they become sore.

The soreness comes from muscle fibers growing and adapting to increased use. Those who work out and lift weights develop muscles because they grow bigger to compensate for increased joint movements. For golfers, myofascial pain in any of the many leg muscle groups influences other muscle groups in the back and midsection core strength.

Muscle knots happen when the fixing process goes into overdrive and overwhelms new tissue growth. The result is muscle tissue that can’t relax and go into recovery mode. Muscle knots are so common that trigger point injections in Naples, Florida, are primary treatments for athletes.

Trigger point injections are safe and efficient treatment options for muscle pain caused by myofascial trigger points. The injections can be completed in minutes in the office so you can get back to your job or your game.

Benefits of Trigger Point Injections

After treatment, you’ll enjoy a range of instant and lasting benefits. Synergy Health cares about people and the well-being of our nation’s workforce. After trigger point treatment, you can expect the following:

  • A greater range of motion
  • A quicker return to normal activities
  • No addiction to pain medication
  • Better pain management when used as part of physical therapy
  • Treatments can be combined with other therapy
  • Low risk of side effects

Trigger point injections at Synergy Health are an effective alternative to invasive pain therapies. Injections are quick and nearly painless.

Trigger Point Injections For Joint Pain Relief

If you had joint pain after working out, it might be myofascial pain. Often it isn’t the joint that needs treatment but rather the muscle related to the movement. Oddly, this type of pain can be phantom-like, leading to greater recovery times than necessary. You can often alleviate myofascial joint pain with trigger point injections. After treatment, you’ll notice a greater range of motion and increased strength.

The Synergy Health Team

The Sunshine State has plenty of options for exercise and enjoying good weather. Unfortunately, we sometimes overdo our workouts and walk gingerly for a day or two. Synergy Health wants to be your health partner for safe and Effective joint pain treatments in Naples, Florida. Our team of chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, and massage therapists work together to offer non-surgical pain relief treatments without the need for opioids.

Myofascial Pain Relief

Trigger point injections help you recover faster and heal efficiently as your muscles relax. Contact Synergy Health today for your personalized pain relief treatment program. It’s easier than you think