Physical therapy is an effective method in relieving pain that becomes unbearable. When it’s challenging to move around or execute daily tasks, Synergy Health in Naples, FL is not just any other physical therapy clinic. Here you access the services you need to remain active, independent, and enjoy life to the fullest without taking painkillers or surgery.
If you have lost hope because the treatment you have been getting has not helped, Synergy’s physical therapy program should enable you to start enjoying your active lifestyle once more. To find out more about the program, the following are five facts you might not have known but could help you when seeking physical therapy:

1. There are Different Types of Physical Therapy

If you thought physical therapy only treats joint pain, or low back pain, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Physical therapy has specialties in different areas, including orthopedic, neurological, cardiopulmonary and pediatric. There are other sub-specialties, but the mentioned ones are the main ones.

2. Our Physical Therapy Staff Will Help you Reduce or Eliminate Pain

In most cases, the essence of physical therapy is to reduce or eliminate pain to improve function. At Synergy Health, the experts will run a thorough clinical evaluation, plan of care development, treatment intervention, and goal setting. Pain should never stop you from enjoying your daily routine, and with physical therapy, you can go back to your old self.

3. Helpful to Children with Autism

The autism spectrum disorder has several symptoms and behaviors that may respond to physical therapy with the proper care. For instance, for children with posture problems, the service can help with hand-eye coordination. Likewise, any child having issues with body movement can benefit from our physical therapy as well.

4. You can Manage Diabetes with Physical Therapy

With physical therapy, you can get access to the proper exercise routine. This is a massive boost since exercising is part of the complete diabetes control program. It is one of the best ways of managing blood sugar levels. Furthermore, diabetes patients are at increased risk of developing neuropathy in their extremities because of nerve damage. With our therapists, you can reduce joint pain and restore your quality of life.

5. There is a Physical Therapy Staff To Help You Along Your Healing Journey

One of the good things about Synergy’s physical therapy program is that you are never alone during the whole process. Here, the success is based on the patient and the therapists working together to create a treatment plan that meets the patient’s goals.

No one deserves to live with pain. It affects not only their well-being but also their quality of life. At Synergy Health in Naples, we understand this, and you can contact us for a comprehensive assessment. We have everything you need under one roof to get you feeling at your best. Our focus is to make Naples better.