When it comes to holistic, integrated medical care, your best option will be the one that treats you as an active participant in the healing process, the one that listens to your concerns and ideas, and the one that treats you as an important, valued individual. Does this sound like the care you’re getting now? If not, you owe it to yourself to consider a visit with the professionals at Synergy Health.

What Makes Care at Synergy Health so Successful?

The team at Synergy Health is patient-focused, and that means that you will never be treated as a number; your health and wellness are our priorities. We take the time to learn about each aspect of your injury or condition, and then collaborate with our own highly skilled experts to create a unique treatment plan that provides you with the best results in the shortest amount of time. Our aim is to return you to an active and healthy lifestyle, without resorting to surgery or addictive prescription medications.

What Kinds of Treatments Can You Expect?

Synergy Health invests considerable time and resources into making sure we provide our patients with the latest research-backed treatments and advanced technologies for fast and effective care. We offer everything from chiropractic adjustments and supportive modalities like physical and massage therapies to joint treatments, injection therapy, and laser therapy. Our care is comprehensive, to ensure you don’t just get healthy and strong, you have the tools you need to stay that way.

Can Synergy Health Support My Golf Game?

Life in Florida includes some pretty amazing benefits, including more than 1,250 golf courses for the avid golfer. As a sport, golf includes some powerful, repetitive movements with forces that can easily cause injury, so proper conditioning and body mechanics are key to safely enjoying the activity. At Synergy Health, won’t don’t just offer services for your health and wellness, we also host local Golf Pro Justin Ahasic to help maximize your potential performance and enjoyment on the course—fewer days on the couch nursing an injury mean more days on the Green!

Need a Team with Integrity?

The medical team at Synergy Health in Naples is patient-focused, and we understand how important it is to get back to stability and ease as soon as possible. We work hard to establish a level of compassionate care and innovative treatment that you can expect at each and every appointment, and our non-surgical, non-opioid approach to relief helps provide a healthy path back to doing the things you love. If you’re ready for a dedicated team with a comprehensive plan, contact us today to schedule your appointment!