Teachers, bus drivers, school nurses, counselors, and custodians – public school employees wake up every day and go to some of the most challenging and demanding jobs there are out there. They educate our children, transport them safely to and from school, and in many ways, prepare them for the world.

People who choose to work in education provide support to their students, nurture their sense of confidence and independence, and help them learn to overcome challenges and obstacles. Teachers help young people to learn and apply new skills. Teachers change lives.

At Synergy Health, we are proud to give back to a community that gives us so much. In Collier County, there is a system of healthcare created just for teachers, bus drivers, and support staff at schools, that gives them access to therapeutic services covered by their insurance.

Massage Therapy

We can only imagine how the stress of working in education can make you feel – tired and rundown. Working in a school means long hours spent standing, sitting, and reading. Our massage therapists use a combination of aromatherapy and hot stones for optimum relaxation. After a long day at work, Synergy Health encourages public school workers to book a therapeutic massage, all covered by their insurance.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Just how the best teachers treat their students with compassion and integrity, our approach to chiropractic care focuses on the same idea – not just to do our job, but to change our patients’ lives. We use the latest, most innovative technologies to treat back and neck pain, sports injuries, muscle strains, injuries, and other forms of pain that can take a toll on you. To schedule an appointment with us, contact the Synergy Health team today.

Flexible Appointment Times

Another way that Synergy Health supports public school employees is through our commitment to flexible appointment times. We offer morning appointments, early afternoons, and Saturdays to best accommodate the schedules of our patients.

At Synergy Health, our team is devoted to Making Naples Better – and we appreciate all the hard work and dedication that public school employees put out every day to educate and take care of our community’s youth. Contact our medical professionals and book your treatment today!