What to Expect with Lipovite Injections

The United States is experiencing an epidemic of overweight and obesity; according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, more than 2 out of every 3 adults has a Body Mass Index that puts them within the range. Carrying around some extra pounds comes with its own set of health challenges, but especially concerning is the connection between being overweight or obese and experiencing chronic pain. A Stony Brook University survey of over 1 million Americans showed a very strong positive correlation between an increased BMI and daily pain, and findings like these have led to alternative pain treatment modalities, including medically assisted weight loss.  Synergy Health in Naples is proud to begin offering Lipovite Injections! What are Lipovite Injections, and how can they help with pain-reducing weight loss?

It’s Not Just Calories…

There are numerous reasons for the “Battle of the Bulge,” and in many cases, an expanding waistline isn’t entirely related to excessive calorie consumption.  Everything from hormonal changes to sleep deprivation, depression, and stress can lead to both mental and physiological challenges in losing or maintaining weight, and it can be difficult to increase your activity levels to include more exercise when pain is a major factor.  Weight Loss shots offer safe, medical support to efforts to reduce bodyfat.

How Lipovite Injections Work

Typically, patients can expect to receive a short series of Lipovite injections, and each contains a combination of compounds that not only reduce appetite, but that increase the body’s potential for natural fat-burning and jump start weight loss efforts. Using a combination of energy-supporting vitamins and lipotropic (fat burning) amino acids, you can expect increased metabolism of fat deposits and physiological weight loss support:


Vitamin B-6 is an essential nutrient for breaking down fats, sugars, and proteins in our diets. It also supports healthy immune function, regulates blood sugar levels, and helps balance hormones.


Vitamin B-12 is a powerhouse vitamin that increases energy and stamina, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, maintains muscle tone, and improves mood, mental clarity, and supports liver function.


Methionine is an amino acid (the building blocks of proteins) that improves energy levels, and that also prevents fat cells from storing around the liver, so it can continue to function properly.


Choline is another amino acid important for helping the liver process waste and toxins to remove it from the body. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and can even reduce the risk of developing gallstones!


Inositol is another body boosting nutrient that helps the body metabolize stored fats at a faster rate, and it helps regulate your mood and appetite by supporting healthy levels of serotonin in the body.

Are You Ready for Big Changes in 2019?

If your experience of chronic pain is making it difficult for you to become active enough to lose weight, Lipovite Injections may give you the jump start you need to turn the corner to a healthier and less painful 2019. Call Synergy Health of Naples, and our team of trusted medical professionals can answer the questions you have about meeting your weight loss goals!