If you’re one of the 222 million licensed drivers in the United States, odds are you’ve experienced being in an accident or know someone that has. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 6.5 million auto accidents are reported with law enforcement annually, and unfortunately, millions of injuries result from the impacts. When you’re finally on the mend, how can physical therapy treatment help with your auto accident injury?

Pain Reduction

In many cases, the immediate course of treatment for an acute auto accident injury is rest and soothing swelling. However, lingering pain can leave us feeling less than motivated to get up and start moving again, even if things are improving.

  • Physical therapy can help with back and neck pain reduction by inviting safe, steady, and controlled movement to areas that were injured
  • Improves circulation, which invites fresh nutrients and oxygen to damaged and healing areas
  • It also improves range of motion, strength, and breaks up tension in the surrounding muscles and soft tissues.

Recovery Support

One of the most common auto accident injuries that require physical therapy treatment is whiplash, sustained in almost half of collisions. Whiplash is a very painful condition that occurs in the neck, back, and shoulders, because although accident’s impact forcefully stops the vehicle, the body inside continues at its original speed and trajectory until its stopped by the seatbelt or another part of the car. The full weight of the head, about 12 pounds, is whipped about at the top of the neck and causes incredible damage that may not fully present for weeks.

  • Physical therapy treatment supports recovery by allowing therapists to assess changes in muscular sensitivity and weakness, and works to bring balance
  • It can help restore the body back to functionality safely to avoid further damage or irritation
  • Therapy can improve flexibility, build strength, and educate patients about their conditions and bodies, which is empowering and confidence building—important factors for improving a sense of vulnerability and anxiety after an accident

Preventing Long-Term Damage

After an auto accident injury, it’s not uncommon to experience sensitivity or weakness in one side of the body, and over time, this will lead to muscular imbalances and even structural changes to the soft tissues supporting the body. Favoring one side over the other can cause biomechanical issues as the body compensates for pain, and these changes can bring uneven wear and long-term damage if they aren’t addressed with a modality like physical therapy treatment to restore function.

Has an Impact Left you Needing Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Naples?

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