Bone Strengthening

Bone Strengthening

Biodensity Therapy optimizes your ability to create osteogenic loading, which results in increased bone density and stronger muscles. Synergy Health is the only clinic in the Naples area to offer this innovative exercise therapy.

The bioDensity machine utilizes osteogenic loading, which is a concept that has been talked about in scientific literature since the 1800s. In the same way that a muscle becomes stronger by overloading the muscle, a bone can also increase its density with biodensity’s unique osteogenic loading system, which helps people of all ages increase the strength of their bones without causing pain, muscle soreness or fatigue. There is an abundance of research showing the benefits of osteogenic loading improving or maintaining bone mineral density.

Biodensity sessions are performed once a week for 5 minutes and can be combined with whole body vibration sessions that last 20 minutes and are performed 1-2 times per week. During the session, patients perform specialized exercises while being monitored by a trained Synergy Health physician.

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Power Plates for Osteoporosis

In addition to a bioDensity machine, Synergy Health in Naples utilizes Power Plates to help those with osteoporosis. The Power Plate is a whole body vibration platform that stimulates rapid reflexive muscle responses. The vibrations allow for those with osteoporosis, arthritis and other illnesses to exercise without overexerting themselves.

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Biodensity Treatment in Naples, FL
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Dear Synergy Family, 

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in our county and statewide, we have decided to close our office from March 23 to April 5. We want to ensure we are doing our part to keep our patients and staff healthy and safe. 

We will be taking a small number of urgent cases by appointment only. Services will be limited to laser, adjustments, physical therapy for post op patients, and medication refills. We will be offering telemedicine visits for non-Medicare physical therapy and medical patients. 

Please know that we are available via phone and text to our office line for any other questions or concerns you may have. This has been a very difficult decision, and we will miss our amazing patients during this short break! 

Your Synergy Health Team