With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to practice and learn new methods of hitting the green at Synergy Golf! Our expert team, led by professional golfer Justin Ahasic, is Naples’ leading golf studio, providing lessons, insights, and detailed golf lessons for players of all abilities.

We put together a few tips for those who are picking up the club for the first time – or who haven’t played in a while. Read below to learn more about finding your swing!

Get Fitted

Everyone’s body is different, and for that reason, the clubs that you play with should be carefully selected to your size, swing style, grip, and preferences. Not only will it feel more natural to play with a properly fitted club set, but it will transform the way you play – with most players significantly reducing their number of strokes.

Another essential benefit of golf club fitting is that it will reduce your chances of getting injured. Many players who play with improperly fitted clubs frequently report wrist pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and even knee pain. At Synergy, our approach is comprehensive – we provide pain relief and rehabilitation treatments for those suffering from golf-related sports injuries and are happy to help you, too! 

Remember to Warm Up

Just like an improperly sized club can lead to an injury, failing to stretch and warm up the muscles can lead you down a path of pain in the future. Stretch your arms, shoulders, and back – and don’t forget to warm up your leg muscles, too! When you swing, you activate nearly every muscle group in your body – so be sure to be fully warmed up to avoid injury.

Be Yourself

Many beginner golfers become fixated on swinging in a certain way, often like a professional they follow or admire. This is a mistake because your swing is as unique as you are! Swing like yourself, not someone else. A true professional instructor’s job is to bring out your unique qualities and translate them into your perfect swing. 

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Golf is one of the most rewarding sports not only for its physical and outdoor appeal but also for its mental benefits. There’s nothing at that moment except the player and their swing, a moment of meditation and potential.

At Synergy, we focus on your individual strengths to help you achieve your perfect swing. Our experience, combined with our state-of-the-art studio will help you get there!

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