You’re walking along, slowly taking in the lush, green landscape. There are no walls, fences, or rigid lines – just the open space of possibility that lies ahead of you. You hear that crisp sound of a club hitting the ball. You’re on the quest for the perfect moment – you’re chasing the chance of a hole in one.

Everyone has heard of the runner’s high – but not everyone knows the version that golfers experience on the course.  At Synergy Golf, we use innovative technology coupled with a holistic approach to helping our patients achieve their perfect swing and realize their full potential. We believe that the perfect swing is achieved when there is a harmonious balance between the body, the mind, and the soul.

About Justin Ahasic

“I’ve met thousands of people in my life. None of them were the same. So why should any of those people try to swing a golf club the same way? A person’s golf swing is as unique to them as their fingerprint. Our bodies are different. Our minds are different. Our souls are different.”

Justin Ahasic is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Professional and founder of Synergy Golf. Originally from Aurora, Illinois, Justin’s passion, experience, and knowledge allow him to work with golfers of all skill levels to improve their game.

“My dream was to play the PGA tour. After I graduated from Santa Clara University, I traveled more than 160,000 miles in my Toyota, going around playing professional golf tournaments. While I didn’t get to the PGA Tour, I learned some valuable lessons from others, lessons that I decided to share and teach to my students,” Justin says.

Our technique

Synergy Health’s mission is to provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies and methods for improving our patients’ lives in any facet they desire. For that reason, we invested in the FlightScope X2 Elite – the premier system for evaluating your swing that is second-to-none in the golf world. The TPI developed this assessment after many years of researching PGA and LPGA Tour players and is regarded as the choice system for analyzing swing characteristics, body movement, and efficiency.

Justin works one-on-one with his students to help them improve their game by both identifying and improving weaknesses and building on each individual’s unique quirks to realize their full potential. No matter what the skill level, everyone can learn something new, and have fun improving their game.

“Synergy Golf is about teaching you to swing like the best version you,” Justin says.

“The eccentricities, the flaws, the talents, the quirks, and the little bit of crazy we all have in our mind is what makes us human. That’s what makes us great. That’s what makes life so fun. At Synergy Golf, we embrace that mess of individuality and we use it to find your swing.”

Why Synergy Golf?

At Synergy Health, patients can trust that we address all their needs with the ultimate goal of helping them truly get well and live their best lives. Through a number of medical treatments and therapies, our staff is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone who walks through our doors. For your individualized golf assessment, contact us today!