BioDensity Therapy is one of the most exciting advances in medicine and was designed for improving bone health using a centuries-old principle to dynamically increase bone density. It was long believed that a loss of bone through aging, dietary and lifestyle choices, or through disease and medication use was a permanent problem, but advancements in technology have given hope to the over 200 million people worldwide with the condition. How exactly can BioDensity treatments help improve bone strength and reduce the risk of fracture?

What’s in a Bone?

Although bone seems like a hard and lifeless structure, it’s actually a permeable, living tissue with blood supplies and active metabolism. During our lives, bones are constantly being broken down and rebuilt, but when the bone isn’t replaced at the same rate as its resorbed, it can result in bone weakness, and eventually, a condition called osteoporosis, which can lead to changes in posture and even bone fractures. How can BioDensity Therapy help?

Loading the Bones

BioDensity Therapy works to improve bone density by using a concept called osteogenic loading. This is based on a principle first mentioned in scientific literature in the 1800s. The idea is similar to the way muscles become stronger by overloading the tissue; bones will also respond to increased stress by stimulating the growth of bone cells, strengthening the tissue matrix and resulting in stronger bones. Many patients with decreased bone density need to be very careful because of the risk of fracture, so safe treatment requires the care of a specially trained physician and an individually calibrated machine like the BioDensity Machine at Synergy Health in Naples.

What to Expect for Treatment

BioDensity sessions are a safe alternative to high intensity or high impact exercises for patients that are focused on building bone and muscle strength, and the results are rapid and dramatic.

  • Quick, Five-Minute sessions are required once to twice weekly. You’ll be guided to apply your personal maximum load intensity, for a 5-second count of each of 4 exercises. It’s safe because you cannot pass your own ability.
  • The Four Isometric Exercises include a vertical lift, a core pull, a chest press, and a leg press, and these create a well-rounded, full body conditioning sequence. The system will record measurements of your strength, so the program is customized with your gains considered.
  • The BioDensity system will give you feedback while you complete the exercises, and prescribe the anticipated amount of rest between sessions based on your progress.

Trust Synergy Health for Quality Care

At Synergy Health, patients can trust in care designed to meet their needs and to help them truly get well. We are proud to offer the expertise of a team of medical professionals whose perspectives on treatment allow us to create a unique and comprehensive individual care plan for every patient that is both affordable and accessible. Please don’t hesitate to call with your questions and to arrange a visit, we look forward to serving you!