Health insurance has really changed in recent decades, and more than ever, families are taking advantage of triple-tax-free HSA accounts to offset the higher deductible plans offered by employers. According to 2017 studies by AHIP, nearly 22 million Americans are enrolled to make tax-free contributions to Health Savings Accounts, the funds of which can accrue tax-free interest and are withdrawn without tax to pay for medical expenses. As the end of the calendar year approaches, you may be left with a balance that can be used to finally take care of nagging medical issues. If you’re experiencing muscle or bone pain, bioDensity therapy treatment may offer the best results for the investment.

bioDensity and How it Works in the Body

bioDensity therapy treatments were born in the early 2,000’s out of the existing science behind increasing bone density. In the late 1800’s, Dr. Julius Wolff used mathematical theory to correctly determine that if bone is placed under pressure, it will change its internal structure to become more supportive. Unfortunately, many people that have weakened bones experience pain and fragility that makes weight-bearing or high impact exercises painful or dangerous. bioDensity therapy treatments ultimately provides relief from osteoporosis by gradually increasing bone strength and a patient’s ability to lead a safer, more active life.

What can you expect?

Bone pain treatments with Synergy Health in Naples are fast and efficient. By doing 4 different isometric exercises that meet your body in its current condition, there’s no possibility of injury by overdoing it.

  • bioDensity treatments safely provide your personal maximum load, and each session is only five minutes, one time per week. Your trainer will help you apply your maximum effort in a fully contracted position for a five-second count. Because there’s no weight that’s applied externally, you can’t work harder than your capacity.
  • Four different exercises include a chest press, vertical lift, leg press, and core pull, and this system results in efficient, full-body conditioning. After every session, the system records your measurements for further customization of your treatment plan.
  • While doing the exercises, you receive immediate feedback. Also, based on your improved strength and progress, recommendations will be made for rest periods which will further support your gains and goals.
  • Synergy Health in Naples also offers Power Plates to help build muscle strength and stability in those with osteoporosis. Power plates are vibrating platforms that create rapid, reflexive muscle engagements. This helps those with arthritis, osteoporosis and other illnesses to build muscle strength without strain, pain, or overexertion.

Have You Been Holding Out on Getting Muscle and Bone Pain Treatments?

The best time to seek care for nagging irritation or pain in the body is within days of onset, but most of us try to “wait it out.” If you’ve been hesitant about looking for body or bone pain relief, now’s the time to invest in your health and to work with quality professionals to improve your quality of life. Call the experts at Synergy Health today for a customized plan to take you from today to a better tomorrow.